Surrey Docks Mural

This mural celebrates the dockland past of the area!

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This mural is in good condition

Where to find it

Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, Redriff Road City of London SE16 7LL

From the exit of Surrey Quays station, you will see to your right a shopping centre. Cross the road outside of the station heading towards this building. You will see two entrances. Head to the entrance on the far left. This will take you to the mural.
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#992233 #996677 #552233 #222244 #9999BB #0044AA #2277EE #5588CC #667788 #BBCCDD #117788 #88BBBB #225555 #889977 #BB9944 #BBAA99 #886644 #AA7777 #553333 #992222


13 m x 8 m Person for scale


  • Paint: Acrylic Paint


How to get there

199, 225, 1, 47, 188, 381, P12, C10
South Bermondsey, Surrey Quays
Surrey Quays

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